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Kimble Ouerbacker Ventura Divorce and Ventura Family Law Attorney

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A. Kimble Ouerbacker III

Ventura Family Law Attorney

A. Kimble Ouerbacker III is ready and able to help you with a variety family law matters including child custody, child visitation, child support payments, child support modification, as well as divorce, paternity, restraining orders and other matters effecting you and your family.

Ventura Family Law

A. Kimble Ouerbacker III will help you with high net worth, high asset divorce negotiations and if necessary court proceedings. Attorney Ouerbacker will help you with spousal support and alimony, legal separation from your spouse, division of marital property and complex property division, as well as preserving your investments in divorce and if necessary, information and help with financial asset valuations.

Child Custody
Child Visitation Modification

Ventura Child Custody orders and Child Visitation orders may need to be modified when circumstances change over time, which often leads parents to become more time and energy flexible than their formal divorce court order currently defining custody and visitation. If you find that you and your child's other parent have determined that the original California Superior Court child custody agreement is not working or meeting the needs of your child and your family, this is the time to consider taking your custody order and visitation case back to Superior Court to seek a modification of your court custody order. By requesting a formal Superior Court modification of your custody order, you protect yourself, your child and your relationship with the other parent.

Divorce Attorneys

Divorce in the State of California refers to divorce as the dissolution of marriage. In simple language a divorce is the legal process of dividing community property, as well as securing the right of each parent to care and support their children.

Attorney Ouerbacker knows that Divorce is a very difficult situation for everyone involved including spouses, children and sometimes even grandparents. There are many questions that are going to run through your mind and Attorney Ouerbacker will be able to answer them for you. While you are formulating your divorce questions, Attorney Ouerbacker strongly advises you to collect and keep detailed records of all worldly assets and financial documents. Attorney Ouerbacker strongly advises you not to say anything negative about your spouse in public or in front of your children and never use your child as a surrogate communicator to speak to your spouse or use as a human pawn in a game of divorce chess.

Child Support Modification

A. Kimble Ouerbacker III is pleased to inform you that child support modification occurs when changing family and financial circumstances occur after you have been divorced making existing child support orders unfair. In order to have the Superior Court's child support order increase or decrease child support payments, it will be necessary to support your Superior Court request for the increase or decrease by showing changed documented circumstances. A few examples of acceptable changed circumstances include the following:

1. There are obligations to support a child from a different marriage or relationship.

2. There has been a decrease or increase in the amount of visitation time a non-custodial parent is spending with the supported child or children.

3. There has been a change in the medical circumstances of the supported child.

4. There has been a change in the educational circumstances of the supported child.

5. There has been an increase or decrease in the receiving spouse's income.

6. There has been an involuntary loss of employment (work) by the paying spouse.

Spousal Support Modification

Ventura family law attorney Kimble Ouerbacker is pleased to inform you that Spousal Support Modification requests can only be made through the time period covered by the Superior Court order that grants alimony. Superior Court spousal support orders in California are increasingly limited in time to only cover the time period reasonably necessary for the Ventura receiving spouse to become financially self-sufficient. Requests made to Superior Court to extend alimony payments beyond the time period identified in the Ventura court order, they must be supported by sound reasons. In the State of California Superior Court orders, alimony obligations always stop with the remarriage of the supported spouse

Paternity Attorney

Father's Rights

A. Kimble Ouerbacker III is available to help you with your paternity case. Paternity cases arise when a child is born in a relationship, but the partners were not married to each other and child support is being sought and/or child visitation and custody rights are being sought by one of the partners.

A. Kimble Ouerbacker III has the experience where a Paternity case also arises when unmarried domestic partners split up or any couple that gives birth to a baby and needs to sort out their rights and obligations under California paternity law and custody codes are able to file a Superior Court Complaint to Establish Parental Relations. The Ventura family law attorneys know that seeking paternity rights is a legal action in California Superior Court that determines parenthood rights, child support, and establishes the future rights and privileges of parenting relating to a parenting plan, child custody, child visitation rights, and time-sharing arrangements.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

A. Kimble Ouerbacker III will help you obtain a domestic violence restraining order if your spouse, domestic partner or boyfriend/girlfriend has hit you, intimidated you or you are now afraid they are going to harm you.

If a Ventura domestic violence restraining order has been filed against you, it is highly advisable to fight this order if it is unwarranted and Attorney Ouerbacker is able to do so. A domestic violence restraining order against you may effect your employment, your ability to live in your own home, your child custody rights and your child visitation rights. This Ventura matter of having a restraining order against you is very serious and the consequences will not be forgotten by the Superior Court.